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  West Coast is located in China, Hainan, is a world-class resort. China's west coast in the east of Hainan City, in the internationally recognized tourism resort gold latitude zone, Hainan Island, the West Bank, Linxiu North Bay, and Vietnam, Laos and other ASEAN countries across the sea. Blue sky, charming beaches, as well as lighthouse, windmills, coconut trees, sunny enough throughout the year, fresh air, is the ideal resort resort. At sunset, the golden sunshine will be the whole sea surface rendering golden light, the scales of the lighthouse, coastal windmills and the Rhododendron mangroves are like a layer of gold plated, dazzling charming. It is also known as China's Gold Coast, is the best view of the sea sunset beauty. West Coast World-class resort living in the Holy Land, whether it is the rich west coast of the United States, or celebrities gathered in the west coast of Europe, or Australia's world famous Western Australia Gold Coast, in the world map, the west coast, has always been the world's west coast.

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